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Hello, I'm Gayle Howard. 

As a professional resume writer embarking on my 29th year in the resume writing sector, I know one thing above all else. Trends come and go and goodness knows, I've seen them all!

Friends will tell you how resumes need to be one page; except they need plenty of detail too—and they need to show your 'personal brand'—but not too much 'fluff'.

Your neighbour is adamant charts and graphs are mandatory (he knows a guy who was a manager once). Graphic design is crucial another friend will say, and those infographic resumes—wow, they're amazing—oh but they don't score well in applicant tracking systems so graphics are in—but they're also out!

Some things never change: powerful writing, strong value propositions, contextual achievements, and of course, correct spelling and grammar. 

And, that's what I teach in my training courses—how to write compelling resumes that elicit that must-have response from the reader without the self-congratulatory pats on the back, the purple prose, or a dizzying array of irrelevant graphics. 

So whether you're a professional resume writer, who wants to lift his or her game, get acknowledged as an expert and get paid what you're worth; or whether you're a job seeker, with a weekend to spare, a Monday job application deadline, and the passionate desire to advance your career, I have designed my training for you to give you your best shot at living the dream. 

Training for everyone

Professional resume writers focus on technical excellence, while jobseekers need to know what's important and how to write it.

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What you'll learn will target you for success

For professional resume writers, the Resume Mastery for the Pros course will help you: 

  • Understand your clients’ needs, help them articulate their goals and all they have to offer, then produce a brilliant customized resume
  • Effectively market your clients to potential employers and position them as highly qualified interview candidates. You will underscore their strengths and qualifications while minimizing, or eliminating their weaknesses
  • Guarantee that the interviewer can understand your clients’ most important skills and highlight reasons for hiring them within ten seconds
  • Significantly improve the words, organization, and design to highlight strengths and create an unforgettable first impression.
  • Construct front-loaded achievement bullets, so that hiring managers have a blinding first impression.
  • Gain insight into forensic questioning to use with any client to ensure you get the information you need to sell their skills effectively.
  • Resume writing students passing this resume writing course with a Gold Pass will immediately achieve the Certified Advanced Resume Writer credential.

For jobseekers, the Great Aussie Resume course will, in a couple of hours, teach you:

  • Debunked myths
  • Trigger words that elicit that must-have response in recruiters
  • Ways to turn a dull set of job tasks into strong achievements
  • Attractive Microsoft Word templates you can start using straight away. 
  • Style and strategy through exposure to 65+ pages of real-life resume examples to guide and inspire you.

Actionable guidance and downloadable templates makes this short training course a no-brainer.

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