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  • YES! You want to build your business.

    If you've left your job or taken a leave of absence from work to start a new business, then you'll want it up and running quickly. Growing your talent is going to be a good first step!

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    Good clients understand the value of training, experience and certifications and will pay for your commitment to excellence. Build the best and brightest clients!

  • YES! You aspire to be an industry influencer and thought-leader.

    It's not just client word-of-mouth that builds your business. Your reputation can lead to workshop presentations, magazine interviews, podcasts and more!

This course is for everyone

Unlike some training courses, you don’t have to start out a resume-writing genius.

Maybe you’ve just written a few résumés for friends and family, and thought, “Wow, I could do this professionally!" Or, you're already a resume writer keen to pick up new ideas or train your sub-contractors. You may even be a recruiter who wants to add value through one-stop-shop services.

Videos, downloadable PDFs, and one-on-one assignment mentoring

No matter what your dream, or where you are in your career journey, you’ll find this unique self-training course will offer something new. Created by multi-award-winning, Master Resume Writer Gayle Howard—an industry superstar with almost three decades of experience, 51 award nominations, and 27 first-prize accolades from the global association, Career Directors International, resume writers around the world consider Gayle their secret weapon for generating word-of-mouth referrals from delighted clients.

Modules are easy at the beginning and accelerate quickly, so you can push the pedal to find:

Methods for placing information for maximum, strategic impact | Step-by-step professional resume formatting | Templates you can download | Forensic questioning techniques to showcase your client’s stories in context | Tricks master storytellers use for sharing client successes in a powerful way… and so, so much more.


  • Want high-level clients but you don't feel confident that you can meet their champagne tastes and demand for absolute quality?
  • Feel like you're in a time warp and struggle to reconcile what you're doing with what other writers are doing today?
  • Want to run from penny-pinching clients and be embraced by clients who appreciate the value of a great resume writer?
  • Dream of building your business by training subcontractors so they boost your reputation and brand?

YES? Then what are you waiting for?

What's included?

Why everything you need! That's all!

  • 123 Videos

  • 7 Quizzes

  • 2 Texts

  • 118 PDFs


  • 25 Hours

Do you want real, actionable results? More referrals from satisfied clients? Then what are you waiting for?

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A warm welcome from Gayle Howard

Gayle Howard, Master Resume Writer & Instructor 

I'm Gayle Howard. Business owner and chief writer of Top Margin—and trainer of professional writers and job seekers. 

I started my business, Top Margin, in 1990. Wow. 1990! Back then, the first known web page had just been written, Australia’s total population had not quite reached 17 million, the average annual salary was $27,227, and the unemployment rate was 5.8%.

Twenty-eight years is just a blip in the grand scheme of time, but in job seeking terms, it's an eternity. 

In those years, Top Margin has grown to become one of the busiest and most respected career marketing and personal branding consultancies in Australia. I have been fortunate in many ways—winning 30 TORI awards from 54 nominations, and Winner of the Popular Vote and Industry Second Place award in the World’s Best Resume Competition. I've written more than 15,000 resumes for clients worldwide, and my resumes are published in 24 international resume writing and career advice books.

My personal profile has also steadily grown across the resume-writing community. Training and examinations have cemented my reputation as a leader through international credentials such as Certified Master Resume Writer, Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist, Certified G3 Coach, Certified Tough Transitions Coach, Certified Credentialed Career Manager, Master Career Director, Certified IT Resume Specialist, and Certified Online Networking Strategist.

For almost three decades, I've watched the career marketing industry grow more sophisticated as traditional lists of duties, dates and job titles have made way for personal marketing and branding strategies enriched through power wording and high-impact strategic formatting crucial for capturing the attention of today’s business-savvy decision makers. 

Today, social media rules everything from reputation management through to the way we communicate electronically and, as a result, the opportunities to sell an individual's talents and experience are virtually limitless.

I'm proud to be the service of choice for the best and brightest people who share my passion for planning and sustaining a fulfilling career, and I'm passionate about showcasing people's talents in ways they've never dreamed possible.

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